It is important to understand when reading this blog that it is not written by a learned person seeking to impart wisdom, but rather by a student with partially formed ideas and only a vague notion of what he is trying to say, seeking the opinions of others to set him on the right track. Of course, I am hoping for some degree of validation; but I am equally prepared to be educated and enlightened or for my ideas to be qualified, contradicted or even rejected. I see this as all part of the learning process, the sharing of knowledge and experience; and I hope that we all gain something from it.

Rules belong in sports, not in the arts. If my writing comes across as dogmatic or opinionated at any time, it is a shortcoming of the writing, not my intent, and I apologise for it unreservedly. On the other hand, I am always grateful for constructive advice that will help me improve my writing and my photography.

Finally, the ideas expressed in this blog are my own and I take full responsibility for them. They might not be original ideas but I have arrived at them through my own experience and research and I have not knowingly plagiarised anyone else’s work. If you feel that I should acknowledge someone else’s original thinking in my writing, please send me the details and I will be pleased to do so.


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