Book Covers Final

“There is a great deal more pain than pleasure in writing fiction. It’s only now and then, maybe once every three or four days, that I manage to write a sentence in which I hear that wonderful harmonic chime that you get when, say, you flick the edge of a wine glass with a fingernail. That’s what keeps me going. When I read the proofs of a new novel—which is the last time I will read or even glance at it—I approach it with one eye closed, so to speak, thinking, God, what am I going to find here? And I find horrors, horrors that can’t be fixed. Everything in the text now seems hopelessly flat and deadened. Where I imagined a dancing rhythm, I find clumping and stumbling.”

John Banville

In my own case, I consider myself fortunate if I hear the chime maybe once every three or four weeks (sometimes months); but it does happen, I think. Or is it just a bout of tinnitus?

My catalogue to-date comprises:

Short Stories

The young Woman who fell from the sky (published)

Journeys into the void (work in progress)


The Frailest Leaves (completed)

Missing… (completed)

The Winter of our Discontent (work in progress)


The Fallen Leaves (completed)

Out! Out! Brief Candle! (concept planning)