8. Au Revoir, Paris

I love Paris. I have wandered through all 20 Arrondissements and almost every quartier. But these photographs, and the many others I have taken over the years, mean little without the memories they invoke.  In fact, I am sorry for anyone who sees these photographs and has never been to Paris because they are only seeing the merest fraction of what Paris has to offer; and of course, they are experiencing none of it for themselves. The best I can hope for is that the viewer is encouraged to make the journey one day and find their own Paris to remember.



The Paris Album is based on photographs I took on my first visit to Paris in 1973 although I have added a few shots taken on subsequent visits to the city in 1976, 1981 and 1984 where I felt that they contributed to the overall essay.  I had a few days there in early September when I was traveling round Europe; then I returned to stay there for almost a month in late October/early November.

The photographs were shot on film using two Nikkormat bodies and 3 fixed focal length Nikon lenses.

By the time I started using digital technology, the B&W negatives and colour slides had deteriorated to the point where I was forced to scan prints (rather than the original negatives) and just had to make do with what I could get out of the slides. Consequently, the reproduction is not so good; but I think the pictures still have some value.

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