Say goodbye to Hollywood

Nine letters on a hillside

Nine letters on a hillside

For the last four days I have been in Hollywood. Now it is time to say goodbye.

This was our hotel.

Just kidding

Just kidding

And we were only a few minutes walk from the famous Hollywood Boulevard.

Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Grauman’s Chinese Theater

El Capital

El Capitan

The Dolby Theatre

The Dolby Theater

The Walk of Fame

The Walk of Fame

Believe it or Not

Believe it or Not

There are so many people on Hollywood Boulevard pretending to be what they are not, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the real and the fake.


A few days earlier, there was almost a Marilyn moment in New York city when this TV presenter – who happened to be standing on a subway grating when a train went past – found her skirt flying up in the air.

The wayward wind

The wayward wind

But in Hollywood, fake Marilyns are fated to relive the moment time and again.


So now it’s time to pack our bags and head to the airport. I just hope this is not our plane…

…and say goodbye to Hollywood



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