The young woman who fell from the sky



A young woman falls from the sky, changing the life of an apprentice baker. An aspiring musician remembers his arrival in New York City, six years earlier. A young man ponders the true nature of love. A father waits to hear from his son on Father’s Day. A lonely widow seeks companionship. And an elderly woman looks back on her long life as she waits to die.

There is no denying that the past fashions the present, yet we navigate the byways of our lives through unforeseen landscapes, never quite certain if we ourselves are setting the course or simply following one that has been preordained for us. Is there a grand design that we are only allowed to see piece by piece as it unfolds; where today’s catastrophe becomes tomorrow’s catalyst and the following day’s anecdote? Or do we simply invent a narrative interpretation of what we experience in order to make the randomness of existence appear coherent; because each of us needs to believe that we are more than just the product of mere chance; that we are here for a reason; that our lives have meaning and purpose?

This collection of stories reflects on the dreams and disappointments of its protagonists without judging whether they are architects of their own fate, or victims of a fate that has already been decided for them.

It just tells the stories.


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