The Versitile Blogger Award

I learned this morning, just before my Internet crashed (I’m writing this off-line in the hope that I will be able to post it eventually), that I am one of fifteen recipients of the inaugural Versatile Blogger Award. It might not be the Nobel or the Pulitzer; but when you’re a struggling blogger, you’ll take all the recognition you can get. So thank you Heather, I really am honoured.

But to tell the truth, I don’t really think of myself as a blogger in the true sense of the word. To begin with, my day-to-day life really isn’t so interesting that anyone would want to read about it; and I doubt that I have the writing skills to make it seem so. Nor do I have the fortitude to persist in spite of these disadvantages.

When I first started blogging I was quickly disheartened by the thundering silence coming back at me from the rest of cyberspace. I thought what I was writing was entertaining enough – a very subjective assessment that proved to be hopelessly delusional – but the traffic on the information superhighway wasn’t stopping; wasn’t even slowing down. I had thought that all I had to do was publish then wait to be discovered. But I’m still waiting. Perhaps the VBA will provide the breakthrough I need 😉

Seriously though, I eventually realised that people will only stop if you can offer them something that they don’t already have. So I began to contemplate what I had that might be of value; and I concluded that, when people get to my age, the one thing they should have accumulated is wisdom. In addition, there are multitudes of tech-savvy people out there in younger age brackets, who lack wisdom and might benefit from it. What I didn’t then realise, however, was that young people, for the most part, don’t want wisdom. Wisdom is boring. Wisdom takes all the fun out of life. Wisdom stops you from doing all the crazy, foolhardy, downright dangerous things that give you – yes, that’s right – wisdom of your own.

So, without the wisdom to realise that wisdom itself is a commodity in limited demand, I reflected on what kind of wisdom I might have accumulated and came to the conclusion that photography might provide the opportunity I’d been searching for. After all, I had been taking photographs for over 40 years, had at one time worked in a commercial photography studio, and had travelled the world taking pictures. So I decided to give it a go. And that was a big mistake!

Writing about photography turned an art into a science. I thought so much about photography, dissected and deconstructed it, analysed and formulated it to such an extent that I found that I could no longer take photographs that meant anything to me; that had that raw, imperfect, human form to which I could relate.

So what wisdom can I offer aspiring bloggers now? None of my own, I’m afraid. But long before the blogosphere was ever contemplated, a wise Chinese called Lau Tsu said in the Tao Te Ching:

——————————————–Those who know do not speak;
——————————————–Those who speak do not know.

Sobering, isn’t it?


As a condition of accepting the VBA (which to me is a 4th generation computer programming language created by Microsoft to power products like MS Word and MS Excel), Heather has asked me to provide a link back to her site. Since I have done this before and since there is a permanent link to her site in my Blogroll (see right navigation panel) I am happy to do this again. So, to find Heather’s Blog, please click here.

In addition, she has asked me to provide 7 things that you probably didn’t want to know about me; and out of respect for my friend, here they are:

  1. I was born in Scotland and lived there until I was 16
  2. Now, I live in Sydney, Australia
  3. I am married and have one son
  4. My wife, son and I grew up on different continents
  5. My favourite cities in order of discovery are: San Francisco, New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Barcelona
  6. Despite eating less and less I find myself growing larger and larger
  7. I also find that as I grow older, I appreciate and applaud the success of others all the more.

8 thoughts on “The Versitile Blogger Award

  1. Kudos to you Sir! Like the 7 facts. If I had to choose my favourite cities – I would go Hong Kong, San Fran, Barcelona, Riga, Seoul, London and of course, Cork!
    Again – well done….thanks for sharing!

  2. I, too, have been disheartened by the thundering silence … but your friendship alone has made it all worth it. Congrats on your blogging Pulitzer, Xpat!

  3. Congratulations, dear Keith. I am so happy for you. Each and every one of us wants to be acknowledged and appreciated. I am enjoying your write ups and your pictures. Reaching out is a wonderful thing to do.

  4. Good to hear that your blogging is versatile, and recognised! I for one, enjoy very much what you have been writing. It is always both entertaining and thought provoking.

  5. Congratulations Keith! If it can be of any comfort to you, I from my side of the world really really like your blog! Your stories and thoughts make me smile or meditate in recognizion :-). And I must point out that your words of wisdom are not boring to me, nor do they take all the fun out of my life.
    On the contrary, they always bring on a reassuring golden reflection in the mirror of my own mind. Thank you for that!
    Looking forward to a next insert..

  6. You know how much I love what you write and therefore I am so happy about the recognition. Your words about wisdom reminded me something my uncle used to tell me when I was a kid:

    “If only the elderly could and the young knew”.

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