What’s Going On

I was in my local supermarket on the weekend, early morning, trying to beat the rush, not fully awake yet, when I heard something familiar playing through the music system.


4 thoughts on “What’s Going On

  1. Hello Keith!
    I had to look for the word “holler”, I did not know it!
    And the funny thing is, I do not holler when I see what’s going on now.. but I am feeling a deep and dark sadness inside. It feels like tears are coming to my heart instead of to my eyes. But in the end, our feelings result from a same experience of despair.

    And, reading your text I listened to the song again, I knew it but hadn’t heard it in years…and I also checked on Marvin Gaye again, to be in the picture..and to find out that Marvin was shot by his own father with a gun he gave as a present to his father…

    “Father, father
    We don’t need to escalate…”
    How perspicious … a cry out in vain …still today.

    Deep inside I holler with you in silence…

    • Hello lieve, that is the tragedy and the irony of Marvin Gaye. But he left us with something: an album, an idea, and hope.

  2. holler away Sir…
    “If you’re not pissed off, you’re not paying attention” as they’ve reduced it onto bumperstickers. but let it be a productive holler, let it clear your soul. thank you for your words, Keith.

  3. back from exile just in time for this, smiling …
    didn’t we met over the sound of marvin gaye?
    and his lyrics in ‘goin on’ are as pertinent to the protests in Egypt as the words in ‘mercy me’ are to the PB oil spill.
    loved to be shopping there that day and been the shopper you encountered … obviously I would have been rockin’ out myself, playin’ the fool.

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