Gypsy in my soul

My trip to Barcelona earlier this year marked the first time I had visited Western Europe since 1984; and when I came home and reviewed the photographs I’d taken, I found – predictably I suppose – that many of them featured subjects not found in my adopted country of Australia: narrow, medieval streets; grand palaces; and gypsy beggars.

It’s not uncommon for us to characterise a social group according to its most visible and obvious manifestations, those that differentiate it from other groups or, indeed, from the great ungrouped. But this is how stereotypes are formed and prejudice is born; and I didn’t want to contribute to a skewed portrayal of the Romany people by giving the impression (through my photographs) that all they do is beg. Consequently, I have written an article (here) to explain why I took these photographs and why I decided to publish them.