Change of mood

You might have noticed that I have changed the signature picture of my site and I have also changed the sub-title. I think these changes more accurately reflect my view of photography. Apart from those of us who are reporters, searching for the truth, most of us roam the streets looking for inspiration and what we capture is often an extension, or an embellishment or a reinterpretation of what we see. The term “verisimilitude” is used to describe that which has the appearance or semblance of truth or reality (NOT that which is real or true). Of course, for those of you viewing the image, it assumes its own reality, quite separate from the context in which it was enacted. So, if you want to know what was really going on in the photograph above, you can read about it in this article.  Or, you can just accept the image as it is and put your own interpretation on it.


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